We understand that you may have some questions about our products and how they work. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers:

  1. How long do Silly Saturday press-on nails last?
    Our press-on nails are designed to provide a long-lasting wear. With proper application and care, you can expect them to stay intact for up to 1-2 weeks. However, the duration may vary depending on individual factors such as nail preparation, lifestyle, and maintenance.

  2. How do I apply Silly Saturday press-on nails?
    Applying our press-on nails is super easy! Start by prepping your natural nails, ensuring they are clean and free from any polish or oil. Next, apply a thin layer of nail glue or adhesive tabs to the back of the press-on nails and firmly press them onto your natural nails, starting from the cuticle and working towards the tip. Hold in place for a few seconds to secure. Voila! You're ready to flaunt your fabulous nails.

  3. Can I reuse Silly Saturday press-on nails?
    Yes! Our press-on nails are reusable, depending on how well you take care of them. To remove the nails, gently lift from the sides or soak your nails in warm. After removal, buff any residual glue or adhesive and store them in a safe place for future use.

  4. Are Silly Saturday press-on nails safe for my natural nails?
    Absolutely! We prioritize the health and safety of your natural nails. Our press-on nails are made from high-quality materials that are gentle on your nails. When applied and removed properly, they should not cause any damage or weaken your natural nails. However, it's important to follow the application and removal instructions carefully to ensure the best experience.

  5. Can I customize or trim Silly Saturday press-on nails?
    While our press-on nails come in various sizes and shapes, you can also customize them to your liking. If you prefer a shorter length or a different shape, you can easily trim and file the nails to achieve your desired look. Just remember to file gently and avoid applying excessive pressure to prevent damage.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our silly squad at info@sillysaturday.in
We're here to help you have the best Silly Saturday experience.